What can you do in Vancouver for a day?

Vancouver is a large metropolis in British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the densest and culturally diverse cities in Canada. The city is surrounded by hills and eye-catching sceneries, which give tourists an enjoyable, pleasurable, and amusing experience. This city is popular for filming locations, thriving art, music, and theater. A large population of tourists visits Vancouver to relish the most iconic sceneries, food, culture, and shopping. What can you do if you have only 24 hours to explore Vancouver? (more…)

Vancouver demographics: brief overview

With over 2,400,000+ population Vancouver is one of the largest cities in North America. It is also one of the cities which are regarded to be the cleanest ones in the world. The city has awesome demographics which mean that as compared to any other place this city consists of highly well-off people. Everybody has its own house and the homelessness ratio is almost zero. It never means that there is no homeless in Vancouver. As per data collected in the 4th quarter of 2017, there were about 2000 homeless people in the city which mean that these people are required to be transferred to a house. The city has two major parts which are Greater Vancouver Regional District and City of Vancouver. Both come together to make Vancouver in general. The city is highly recommended to all that are looking for peaceful and quiet life. (more…)

Development of urbanism in the city with the highest population density in Canada

There are many plans and projects which are always going on in the city of Vancouver. It means that the urban development and town planning is underway. The best part of the planning is that the urbanism in the city has a new name and it is known as Vancouverism. This term means that the urban planning and the town development departments of the city make sure that the city remains one of the most livable ones in the world. A specific model and town development plan are being followed to make sure this happens. As a result, the city is maintained in the best shape. The planning is so precise that the USA is also pondering to implement the similar changes to San Francisco. The plan also ensures that the people of the city get ample opportunities for entrainment and relaxation.  The population of the city is increasing with every passing day. It is all because of the foreign settlement.Vancouverism has gained widespread popularity and it means that there might be significant changes in the coming years. The only part of the Vancouverism which is highly criticized is the fact that the planning and development are not applied to all parts of the city. The fact is that only great Vancouver area and Metro City gets the share of Vancouverism which has been allotted. (more…)

What tourist attractions you can find in Vancouver

As 8th largest municipality by population Vancouver has a lot to offer to the tourists that visit. It is regarded as one of the most diverse and culturally blended cities of Canada. From parks to movie theatres the entertainment in this city is limitless and therefore it is highly regarded as one of the best places to visit if you are on a Canadian tour. Missing out Vancouver from your trip plan is never recommended. It is one of the most densely populated cities of Canada which means that the place is full of life. The best part of this city is that it has a lot of tourist attractions which have been built just to make sure that Vancouver tourism is fostered. Vancouver is being continuously rated among the top 10 best cities in the world to live in. (more…)

“Raincouver” architecture: making the city better

The best part of the Vancouver is that it is a city full of life. The management of the city is highly focused to make sure that the architecture is preserved which dates back to 14th and 15th centuries. In this city, you find a combination of both old and modern architecture which adds to the life of it. From tall skyscrapers to buildings of Victorian Era the city is known for the multicultural ambiance that attracts tourists from all over the world. The thing which many people might be unaware of is the fact the local architecture has very limited to nothing to do with the outlook of the city. The Irish and Scots have mainly influenced the city architecture just like the economy of Canada. The natural outlook of the city played a major role to make sure that the human interference looks at its very best. (more…)

Popular events to visit in Vancouver

The good side of Vancouver is that it is a city full of resilience. The tourists are attracted to not only the best architecture of the city but also to the events which it offers to the tourists. The best part is that most of the events at Vancouver are free to attend and therefore no tickets are required. These events are both religious and community-based which means that you can attend whichever you like. Vancouver is one of the best places to live on this planet and the same goes for the events which it presents. All the events are highly organized and therefore it is highly recommended to visit these events once you are in the city. Your tourism plan to Vancouver can never be completed if you do not visit any of the events the city hosts. (more…)