Development of urbanism in the city with the highest population density in Canada

There are many plans and projects which are always going on in the city of Vancouver. It means that the urban development and town planning is underway. The best part of the planning is that the urbanism in the city has a new name and it is known as Vancouverism. This term means that the urban planning and the town development departments of the city make sure that the city remains one of the most livable ones in the world. A specific model and town development plan are being followed to make sure this happens. As a result, the city is maintained in the best shape. The planning is so precise that the USA is also pondering to implement the similar changes to San Francisco. The plan also ensures that the people of the city get ample opportunities for entrainment and relaxation.  The population of the city is increasing with every passing day. It is all because of the foreign settlement.Vancouverism has gained widespread popularity and it means that there might be significant changes in the coming years. The only part of the Vancouverism which is highly criticized is the fact that the planning and development are not applied to all parts of the city. The fact is that only great Vancouver area and Metro City gets the share of Vancouverism which has been allotted.


This is an important part of Vancouverism and can be regarded as the sole idea behind the term development. The fact of the matter is that the city is wedged between sea and the mountains and at the same time it is also bordered with the USA. The Vancouverism aims to develop the city in a very controlled manner so that the best results are fostered. The Vancouverism has gained popularity when the people started to feel the difference in the city. Recently the Fraser Valley has also been added by the Vancouver Planning City Commission and the ideas of Vancouverism will be implemented to further develop the dimensions of the valley as required.


It is another important aspect which is associated with Vancouverism. It simply means that the art and the architect of Vancouver are developed in such manner that the view corridors are protected. The overall management of Vancouverism is on rife and the city councils leading the projects alongside Government of Canada. Project 200 has also been launched for the greater Vancouver city and it has been a huge success. Controlled planning and development to urbanize the city ensure that the best outcome is provided to the dwellers. The total cost of project 200 is about 300 million dollars.

Development that matters

It is highly in demand by the government of Canada that rather than development sustainable development is done so that costs can be cut in long term. The overall management of the project 200 has been done in such a manner that the overall development gets even better. From decision making to planning it is highly demanded that the effects are calculated. The management of the city is being done in a manner that is highly engaging and therefore Vancouverism is being promoted.

“Raincouver” architecture: making the city better

The best part of the Vancouver is that it is a city full of life. The management of the city is highly focused to make sure that the architecture is preserved which dates back to 14th and 15th centuries. In this city, you find a combination of both old and modern architecture which adds to the life of it. From tall skyscrapers to buildings of Victorian Era the city is known for the multicultural ambiance that attracts tourists from all over the world. The thing which many people might be unaware of is the fact the local architecture has very limited to nothing to do with the outlook of the city. The Irish and Scots have mainly influenced the city architecture just like the economy of Canada. The natural outlook of the city played a major role to make sure that the human interference looks at its very best.

Urban planning

The architecture of the city is constantly being preserved by the authorities and for this, the urban planning is being done very cautiously.  The best part of such urban planning and development is the fact that it is highly focused to make sure that the city looks even better. Even the locals can give the feedback about the urban planning and online portal has been developed where the locals can provide the feedback. Vancouver is surely the heart of Canada and it is the city architecture which has granted it this status.

Residential styles

The Vancouver special is the most common design that is used in most of the houses built in Vancouver. This has also influenced the city architecture and is regarded as the best and the most advanced outlook which the locals love to give to their houses. The houses built in style are preferred and therefore the price has hiked in recent years. Other styles which have influenced the city are related to the neighboring provinces. Wood is the main ingredient which is used to make houses. The brick and mortar houses are also found in damp areas of the city. The house design is also very much in when it comes to modern building parameters.

Development of city architecture

There is not even a single renowned professional that has taken part in developing the architecture of the city of Vancouver. Though there are many professionals that have earned great fame both the nation and worldwide none of these are responsible. Over the course of time, the techniques developed by the aboriginal people have been applied to give the current outlook to the city. It is a known fact that the old techniques are refined to get the outputs which today are regarded as the most advanced in the world.

Summarizing the above

The Vancouver is one of the cities which are also known for its best architecture and the building style. The people that have been there have highly praised the city and the related art that covers it completely. The most important factor is the fact that the city council is trying to preserved the old buildings, because it is a high risk , that famous Vancouver landmarks can vanish.