Popular events to visit in Vancouver

Popular events to visit in Vancouver

The good side of Vancouver is that it is a city full of resilience. The tourists are attracted to not only the best architecture of the city but also to the events which it offers to the tourists. The best part is that most of the events at Vancouver are free to attend and therefore no tickets are required. These events are both religious and community-based which means that you can attend whichever you like. Vancouver is one of the best places to live on this planet and the same goes for the events which it presents. All the events are highly organized and therefore it is highly recommended to visit these events once you are in the city. Your tourism plan to Vancouver can never be completed if you do not visit any of the events the city hosts.

1. A Wok Around China Town

A Wok Around China Town

The event is considered to be the best of all and there is a reason. A Wok Around China Town is held daily at 10 AM in the morning and continues till 2 PM. You are provided with guides that will walk you through the Vancouver China Town so that you get to know the place full and also visit the different shops which are there. The traditional Chinese food can also be seen prepared. The events are attended by both locals as well as tourists and it is completely free of charge. It is also advised to book your place in advance as sometimes the queues are long.

2. Beaty Biodiversity Museum presents Life in Color

Beaty Biodiversity Museum presents Life in Color

If you plan on knowing the ecosystems of Vancouver and BC then Life in Color is the one which you should always attend. There are many drawings which are presented to the attendees and it also means that you get a thoughtful insight. Many artists also accompany the group and make sure that you are impressed with the best and the state of the art drawing techniques which you are taught. Vancouver has a strong flora and fauna systems which means that when it comes to this event the choices are unlimited.

3. Fraser Valley wine tour

Fraser Valley wine tour

The best part of the tour is that not a single winemaking place is left during the visits. The city has many hallmark wine places and it is important that the visitors get to know the places well. Fraser Valley wine tour will make sure that you get complete information about the winemaking factories and get to know the processes involved. If you are a wine lover then you should definitely book a tour.

4. Chor Leoni Men’s Choir 2017/18 Season

Chor Leoni Men's Choir 2017/18 Season

It is the largest series of events which take place at Vancouver and therefore it is highly regarded by all music lovers. The overall management of the tour is awesome and it is on top of the list of many tourists. The best part of Choir Leoni is that they visit every part of the city to conduct their shows. It means that you just need to wait till they come to your locality.